30 St. Marys Axe

The 30 St. Mary's Axe.

The 30 St Mary Axe (known as the Gherkin Building) in London is made up of 745 layers of glass panels that let in so much natural light that heating and lighting, the building costs half as much as a normal office building, but could the glass be the trigger to its destruction? In a life after people, without it's 90 person maintenance crew, how long will the structure last? 

100 Years after People: The Gherkin is covered in vegetation and the exterior double-layered glass panels have finally begun to fall out and shatter on the sidewalk below.

125 years after people: The land around it floods and reverts to swamp. It sinks a few feet in to the ground, but still bravely and successfully holds out.

150 Years after People: The corroded beams fail where they have the most weight to bear: the floors. The collapse of one floor triggers the collapse of the next untill every floor collapses in the pancake effect. However without the weight of its floors and windows, the diamond shaped frame will continue to endure.


300 Years after People: The steel frame of the Gherkin finally give after during a storm. The entire frame topples over and collapses, crushing the St. Andrew Undershaft church in the process.


Gherkin Building collapses

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