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25 years after people has shattered the windows and made it go from blue to green

5 Allen Center is a proposed skyscraper to be built in downtown Houston, Texas. The height has not been determained yet but it is estimated between 700-800 feet. How long can it stand?

1 day: The power grid of Houston fails.

25 years: Houston is now a swamp. The building's windows are blown out by hurricanes and the tower is covered in vegetation.

100 years: 100 years has taken a toll on the building and now the floors begin to fall. Suprisingly, the tower stands, for now.

250 years: It's been 250 years since Houston's population of over 2,000,000 dissapeared with the world. 5 Allen Center has outlasted the JP Morgan Chase Tower and the Astrodome but now it's time. The Tower pancakes on the 25th floor and the tower falls.

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