The 63 Building collapses

The 63 Building is a skyscraper on Yeouido island, overlooking the Han River in Seoul, South Korea. At 249 meters (817 ft) high, it was the tallest building outside North America when completed in 1985 and is the tallest gold-cladded structure in the world. It was South Korea's tallest building until Hyperion Tower surpassed it in 2003 and remained South Korea's tallest commercial building until the Northeast Asia Trade Tower was topped-out in 2009. The 63 Building was built as a landmark for the 1988 Summer Olympics. 63 refers to the building's 63 official stories, of which 60 are above ground level and 3 are basement floors. Now, how long it would last?

100 Years After People: Seoul South Korea's 63 building looks like an overgrown cardboard box. But, the building is build in a typhoon country. 100 years after people, a massive typhoon blows in from the Pacific, and finally the structure falls and collapses as wind blasts through it's center.

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