8 Canada Square is a building in London, UK. It is 200m (656ft) tall and has a total of 42 floors. It is made of 180,000 tonnes of concrete, 14,000 tonnes of steel and 45,000 square meters of glass panels which outline the entire building. It has the biggest staff kitchen in the whole of Europe with a capacity of up to 850 staff. But how long can Britain's 2nd tallest building last for?

1 day after people: 8 Canada Square blacks out when London's power grid falls.

1 week after people: The food in the staff restaurnt is rotting attracting creatures to the building.

20 years after people: The 45,000 square feet of glass panels begin to fall out of their framework, crashing to streets of London below.

50 years after people. Flooding from the Thames has began to weaken the building at the base. It starts to lean slowly.

150 years after people: 100 years of flooding has continuly weakened the base of 8 Canada Square Finally the lean is to much and 8 Canada Square falls from the Canary Wharf skyline. Though its brother 1 Canada Square still stands.

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