8 Spruce Street, or sometimes called the Beekman Tower is a 76-Story skyscraper in the Borough of Manhattan in New York City, it was designed by architect Frank Gehry in 2006 and hits from 870 to 891 feet tall. In a life after people, how long does this structure last?

2 Days after people: 8 Spruce Street still stands in New York City but now without people, deterioration has now invaded. But now power grid cuts out and New York City becomes dark, soon the 8 Spruce Street Building follows.

50 Years after people: Window panels fall off the building shattering onto the streets below. But the rest of the structure remains. Now without people to maintain not only is the 8 Spruce Street in danger. The Woolworth Building next to it is also in Danger. Even though it is an early building, the Beekman Tower is taller than it, the more taller a building is. One of them was the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.. The more danger a smaller building is, but for now the Woolworth and the Beekman Tower still stand.

250 Years after people: The Beekman Tower still stands, even after the fate of older buildings such as the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Flatiron Building and the New York World Building. But the building is on the verge of collapse, finally one of the floors give way. The top of the tower (excluding the bottom) collapse. Crushing the Woolworth Building, The bottom will remain for a few more centuries to come, even after the demise of its upper floors.

500 Years after people: The bottom of the Beekman Tower finally collapses as a category 2.0 earthquake hits New York City.


8 Spruce Street before we Vanish

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