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1 day after people.In Chicago,Millenium Park's AT&T Plaza is still reflected by the Cloud Gate in the center.The buildings around it still dominate the skyline.But when the power go's out,the black Cloud Gate vanishes into the darkness.It is now invisible.It's lights out for this plaza.

1 month after people.When the flood gates collapse,water eventually rushes into AT&T Plaza.But the building should stand for longer,although the cement ground and the walkways are now underwater.But Cloud Gate now shines since it gets a bath from the water.

1 year after people.Although the water is dried up,greenery now takes over.

15 years after people.The Cloud Gate is still standing.But the black aluminum is starting to strip of,revealing the steel skeleton underneath.

50 years after people.The skyscrapers finally start to collapse.One falls onto another.One collapses from beneath,like the Sears Tower will.Another collapses like the Chrysler Building in NYC will.Yet another falls like the John Hancock Center will.

51 years after people.The famous Cloud Gate is now a steel rusted skeleton.Finally,the centerpiece falls like The Gateway Arch will.The legs follow.

1000 years after people.The walkways finally cave in.The plaza,just like the rest of the city,is now unrecognizable.

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