1 day after people, Air Force One, the most recognized plane in the world, sits empty on the tarmac of Andrews Air Force base. 63 feet longer than the actual White House, it was built with the body of a Boeing 747, its two kitchens, a sound-proof conference room and an entire bay of safe communications made Air Force One unlike any other plane in the world. There is an enormous amount of extra equipment on board Air Force One which you would never see on a regular commercial or private jetliner. This includes an array of top secret defense systems. There was a danger that the plane could be a target for missiles so Air Force One packs an ingenious counter measure, if a heat-seeking missile locked onto the plane, a series of false target flares would shoot out. Creating more heat than the engines themselves therefore diverting the missiles. Air Force One was a state of the art fortress, but aircraft aren’t meant to be left sitting around not being maintained, Air Force One has more equipment that can go wrong than any other 747 in the world and a small malfunction can lead to a high-flying failure in a life after people.

1 year after people, The plane that once was Air Force One has begun to rust on the tarmac of Andrews Air Force Base. The tarmac was once kept pristine by a ground-crew that scoured the pavement before each flight; now brush has already begun to take it back.


The fire reaches the cockpit.

5 years after people, Although most planes are just slowly deteriorating, Air Force One has hidden potential for disaster. One of these is its series of false target flares, and the electrical circuits that trigger them were never meant to go unmaintained, these were very dangerous if just left in place as they deteriorate very quickly. When a circuit fails it deploys the flares, and the plant-growth on the tarmac below becomes kindling for a massive blaze, and the plane itself has plenty of fuel to feed the fire. Unlike most planes Air Force One's 50 000 gallon fuel tanks were always kept filled, in case the president had to be flown out of harm’s way at a moment’s notice. Now there is no-one to move Air Force One out of harm’s way. The fire soon reaches Air Force One's fuel tanks and the plane is destroyed in a large explosion.