Anatolian Sheep Dogs

A Anatolian Sheep Dog just days after people

For 6,000 years Anatolian sheep dogs have been breed to guard sheep from predators. With their light coloured coats and black muzzle's they resemble sheep making it hard for predator's to notice it. The Anatolian sheep dog will fight a wolf to the death just to protect its flock. After three days after mankind has vanished the dogs continue to guard their sheep, while most of the sheep around the world are vulnerable, the sheep with sheep dogs they have a better chance for survival

5 years after people the Anatolian sheep dogs continue to protect their sheep from any predators. When a sheep dies from disease or old age, the dogs quickly eats it so the body won't attract predators.

1,000 years after people the Anatolioan sheep dogs amazingly still protect the sheep, they have avoided interbreeding with other dogs because any dog that comes near the flock the sheep dogs chase it away seeing it as an enemy. The Anatolian sheep dogs will survive well into the future and always there to protect their flocks.

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