The Armenia Tower is a 435 m-high (1,427 ft) multi-purpose Armenian concrete tower built in 2007 in the crossroads between Western Asia and Eastern Europe in Yerevan, Armenia. As mentioned, it stands at 435 m (1,427 ft) from base to the tip of the antenna. The head consists of a large pod with 12 floors, the roof of which is at 315 m (1,033 ft). Below this is a staircase and elevators to reach the area. How long can it last?

1 Day after People: Across the world power plants fail, but when Yerevan goes dark the Armenia Tower stays on. Why? Because the tower has atomspheric pressure controls which generate electricity from the towers top and bottom. So for now the tower stays bright.

1 Year after People: Unlike the Hoover Dam the tower still remains bright and will for years because the fuel is air. However the tower itself remains as it was when people disappeared.

2 Years after People: The Armenia Tower has stayed on for 2 years. But now the generators which produce the electricity stop working because of a lack of maintenance. It takes the tower over 30 minutes for the last light to go dark.

15 Years after People: The Armenia Tower is dealing with some hot and dry conditions to the interior of the structure.

50 Years after People: The tower still stands, even though most skyscrapers around the world have collapsed.

60 Years after People: The tower is doing surprisingly well. Why? The tower was made of solid, non-reinforced, concrete. The tower will survive for fifteen more years.

75 Years after People: The Armenia Tower is giving up. Being only 13 feet above sea level, flooding was possible. Now with rising sea levels, the tower is being eroded by salt water. Suddenly, the foundation breaks and the tower plummets onto the Armenia Catherdal.

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