2 days after people, Asian carp are continuing their invasion of the Mississippi River and its tributaries. The Asian carp were brought to the United States in the 1960’s by catfish farmers to help keep their ponds clean but they began escaping during floods and soon became invasive. They are known for panicking and jumping high into the air when boats come near them which can cause injury. It was feared that if the Asian carp made it into the Great Lakes that they would kill over the native fish by eating their food supply so to stop them from reaching the Great Lakes an electric barrier was installed across the Chicago River. Now the electric barrier continues to run on emergency power, even after the electricity grid fails.

1 week after people, The emergency generators run out of fuel and the electric barrier shuts off. The Asian carp begin to make their way toward Chicago.

1 year after people, The Asain carp have made it all the way down the Chicago River to Chicago but they have been stopped from reaching the Great Lakes by the Chicago Harbor Lock.

3 years after people, The rubber seals in the center of the Chicago Harbor Lock have been ripped off from three winters of ice damage. The Asian carp slip through the gap where the seals were and begin to colonize the Great Lakes.

4 years after people, In the Great Lakes, the Asian carp have not decimated the Great Lakes like it was feared they would because they are now preyed upon by sea lampreys, ironically another invasive species, which attach themselves to the carp and feed on their blood and bodily fluids.

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