2 days after people, Originally built in 1870 the Atlantic City Boardwalk was the first beachfront boardwalk built in the United States. It runs for over 4 miles. Originally built with cedar, most of the Atlantic City Boardwalk was reconstructed in the 1990’s with Brazilian Walnut. Brazilian Walnut is naturally resistant to insects, rot and mold. It is one of the world’s densest woods with a fire rating the same as concrete. The only creatures now walking on the Atlantic City Boardwalk are feral cats. Eighteen colonies of feral cats lived under the boardwalk and had a population of about 140. In the time of humans they were fed daily by human volunteers. Now that people are gone will these cats survive?

5 years after people, The feral cats still survive. They no longer live under the boardwalk but have found a new home in Atlantic City’s abandoned casinos.

50 years after people, A hurricane hits Atlantic City. The boardwalk’s Brazilian Walnut wood has stood up well after fifty years but the metal fasteners have corroded. Buffeted by wind the fasteners break and large sections of the Atlantic City Boardwalk are blown away by the hurricane’s strong winds and turned into battering rams that crash into buildings. Sea water floods into the buildings leaving a heavy solution of salt that will continue to damage the buildings even after the storm ends.

1,000 years after people: Some sections lof the boardwalk will be fossilized due to being buried in sand and silt.

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