012 Whitney BBCA Compass Stadium Dynamo soccer March 2012.800w 600h

The steel bars start rusting in 1 year after people.

The BBVA Compass Stadium is a soccer stadium in Downtown Houston, TX. It is the new home to the Houston Dynamo when it opened in May 2012 making it the top soccer stadium in America. How long can it last in a life after people?

1 day: The scoreboard and lights go dark in the stadium as Houston's power grid fails.

1 year: corrosion finnaly shows small signs of its existence on the metal bars.

15 years: The field is now a swamp with the seats covered in vegatation. vines appear all around the outside of the stadium.

50 years: The scoreboard has sit in Houstons extreme heat and humidity and has had the weight of vines pulling on it. The scoreboard finnaly slides down the rows of seats knocking or throwing out everything in it's way. it finnaly stops when it hits the swamp in the field.

250 years: 250 years has taken a toll on the building. Altough, like the John Hancock Center, the bracing of the outside has kept the building up. But after 250 years of over 85 degree temperatures and humidity of Galveston Bay. With the swamp pouring out've the building, finnaly gives. The south side of the stadium pumbles toward the ground pulling the rest of the walls down. America's best soccer stadium is now gone.

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