Baidu Headquarters

The Baidu Headquarters is the headoffice of Baidu, a Chinese company which its main product is Baidu search engine, looks similar to Google. The building is located in Beijing, China. The building is not a tall skyscraper, but is looks like a long rectangular-shaped building。 The building is made of concrete and glass. The company created a modern shape of the building's exterior, and so does its interior. Now, how long can it last after people, with no internet connections?

2 Days After People: Light fails in Beijing, just like the rest part of the world. Computers and servers stop working when electricity fails in the building. The entire building blacks out. One of the major search engines in China no longer exists.

15 Years After People: The building begins to lose its windows, which is the major part of the building's exterior.

40 Years After People: After 40 years of corrosion, the modern interior is now a rusting skeleton.

100 Years After People: The central part collapses, seperates the building to two parts. 

200 Years After People: The building is not tall, this keeps the building still standing in 200 years. But 200 years of corrosion has weakend this rectangular shaped building. One side of the seperated building cannot stand, it collapses, but the other side remains.

250 Years After People: The other side of the building collapses, and the building of China's major search enging company is gone forever.

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