The Bank of America Corporate Center is a 871 foot skyscraper in Charlotte, North Carolina. Finished in 1992, it is the tallest building in Charlotte and North Carolina. How long in a life after people can this structure last with Charlotte's ice storms, heat and rainstorms.

1 day after people; The skyscraper goes dark when Charlotte's power grid fails.

325 years after people: The Bank of America Corporate Center is last skyscraper still standing in Charlotte, the skyscraper would have collapsed years ago in a climate with a lot of freeze thaw cycles, but Charlotte rarely gets those; After 325 years of neglect, The skyscraper collapses when the building's spire collapses on the floors beneath it , taking out the lower floors in the process, which then causes the spire to fall flat onto the ground turning it into rubble, erasing all traces of Charlotte's existance

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