The Bank of America Plaza is a skyscaper in Atlanta.It is not only the tallest building in Atlanta,it is also the tallest building in Georgia and in any U.S. State Capital city. It the tallest building in the United States that not located in either Chicago or New York. Now in a life after people, this skyscraper may not hold is title.

50 years after people: Like most of Atlanta, the Bank of America Plaza is covered in kudzu. While the kudzu burns after getting stuck by lighning,the Bank of America still stands. But the fire burns away the interior. just like the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles. The Bank of America Plaza still stands, for now

250 years after people: The Bank of America Plazacollapses during a windstorm, making the skyline unregonizable.It s outlasted by the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles, the building which held the title as the tallest building in US outside Chicago and New York before the completion of the Bank of America Plaza

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