The Bellagio hotel and casino in Las Vegas Nevada was a high end, classy french-themed hotel that was best known for its Spectacular Fountian Shows that flew up to 60 ft along the glamorus hotel. Atracting over 1,000 people every hour. But will the Bellagio go "Bon soir" ?

2 Days After People: In the Bellagio, the fountains still spray, the Slot machines still play, and the bagets, wines, and cheeses still sit on the tables. Waiting for costomers to play the odds, gorge in delight, and catch a glimpse of the fabulous fountains. But without people to come, that is a thing of the past. The lights dim and die as the power grid fails, and the beauty of the Bellagio; comes to a close.

1 Month After People: Inside the once Beautiful Bellagio, the Glamorus High end rooms are now just withered husks of their former selves, meanwhile, 15 floors below, the Grand Banquets are rotting. Bagets and cheese have long since gone moldy, and the Ala mode has melted. And outside, the fountains have now dried up. The French culture, has become French Toast.

5 Years After People: Outside the Bellagio, the Decorative Gardens have died from neglect. And the inside isn't any better. Mold has taken its toll on the lovely Decor, rotting away the Furniture day by day.

115 Years After People: The Bellagio is Starting to come down. The central tower suddenly cracks away from the rest of the building, leaving the rest of the building too weak to stay up. The two sides smash to the ground destroying the hotel.

10,000 Years After People: Any Signs of the Bellagio seem to have vanished of the earth. But in the untouched basment, still sealed bottles of wines have been perfectly preserved keeping the French Love alive.

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