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The Biggest Ball of Twine is located in the small town of Cawker City, Kansas. It is 11 feet in diameter and weighs about 18,000 pounds. It is protected from the elements by a gazebo-type structure. This tourist attraction is a staple of Americana, but, how long will it last without people?

1 day after people: The power fails and the lights that light the ball go out.

6 months after people: The ball is now home to many creatures. Mice and birds are starting to use the twine in their homes.

1 year after people: In the time of humans, every year people would add twine to the ball to make larger. Now, the ball sits and slowly rots away.

5 years after people: Kansas is known for its storms. A giant thunderstorm rolls in. High winds and hail pelt the roof over the ball and the roof is ripped off leaving the ball unprotected.

15 years after people: The ball is falling apart. After years of storms, the ball has gotten smaller. Winds have pulled off large pieces of twine and it is now home to insects who are eating away at it.

25 years after people: 25 years of rain and wind have done in the ball. It is still recognizable, but, it is now degrading very fast. Finally, a storm comes in. The storm spawns a tornado that rolls right through town. The ball of twine is picked up and destroyed releasing rotting twine throughout the area.

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