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    I just made the wiki a logo, and I replaced the current one. Let me know what you think!

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  • Alien king 1979

    The Kentucky State Capitol is Located in the Capital of Kentucky (Frankfort) and is the house of Three Branches of the State Government of the CommonWealth. The Building is also listed on Historical Sights of the National Register. In a life after people can the structure itself actually survive.

    1 Week After People: Power grid fails in Kentucky and the State Capitol building loses power as it goes dark. forever

    250 Years After People: The Kentucky State Capitol Building in Frankfort still stands as a Monument  to the Three Branches. but 250 Years after people. Real Branches invade as trees grow in the Building. But apparently this structure is Built up of Concrete and is one of the most oldest structures of Frankfort since it was opened on …

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  • Omgvk64

    The Sphere

    November 18, 2014 by Omgvk64

    The sphere is a metallic structure in New York that was once in the old WTC, which got destroyed in the 9/11 attacks. Thankfully, the sphere survived through the collapse of the twin towers, but still bares the scars on that day. parts of it were damaged. It was made in 1971 by a German artist named Fritz Koenig. with people gone, how long could it live on for? apparently, it's made out of bronze, so it could last for a very, very long time. Even if the rest of New York gets taken down by nature, especially the new WTC, this survivor of September the 11th will endure, even if the Guggenheim museum gets taken down by an earthquake.

    There also reads a plaque, which is being buried by the forest that is revisiting manhattan, reading:

    "For three…

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  • Omgvk64

    432 Park Ave

    September 18, 2014 by Omgvk64

    432 park ave is a residential/hotel building in New York which is currently under construction. Once it's complete, it will top out the freedom tower's roof height, and become the tallest residential building in the city. But in a life after people, once it's complete, how long can this supreme structure endure for?

    1 day after people: New York goes permanently dark as the power grid fails, and the building's lights turn off too.

    10 years after people: the bottom floors are covered up in vegetation. Lots, and lots of vegetation. The stairway is choking on ivy, and the checking room is now what looks like an indoor garden of prickly roses.

    40 years after people: the windows have been blown out. Since then, young stray cats of New York City hav…

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  • Dariusrulez

    Eden project

    August 31, 2014 by Dariusrulez

    the eden project is 5 spheres in the united kingdom,but will these chrome domes surive in a live after people?

    1 day after people: the lights go out.

    250 years after people: the glass finally falls down and breaks.

    670 years after people: the skeleton finally gives way wen the big one strikes uk.

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  • Dariusrulez

    The pentagon

    August 31, 2014 by Dariusrulez

    the pentagon is a major army base

    the computers inside turn off.

    finally after 100 years a giant sinkhole devoueres the building

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  • Ldelavina3

    CITIC Plaza

    July 2, 2014 by Ldelavina3

    The China International Trust and Investment (CITIC) Plaza is an 80-storey skyscraper in the Tianhe District of Guangzhou, China. Currently, it ranks as the 8th tallest building in China and the 16th worldwide. All Nippon Airways used to operate at the CITIC Plaza before moving to Tower A of the Victory Plaza. Now, without humans, how long will this tower last?

    1 day after people: The sign on top on the CITIC Plaza goes dark, as the power grid of Guangzhou fails.

    50 years after people: The glass has fallen from the building, leaving it a skeleton.

    250 years after people: Two and a half decades of decay has weaken the floor supports. The 74th floor gives way and the building goes down in a pancake collapse. Guangzhou is now unrecognisable.

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  • Ldelavina3

    The Anderson Bridge is a vehicular bridge that spans across the Singapore river in the Downtown Core area of Singapore. Named after Sir John Anderson, who officially opened the bridge in 1910, it formed part of the Marina Bay Street Circuit starting from 2008. During the Japanese Occupation of Singapore (1942–1945), the severed heads of criminals were hung on Anderson Bridge as a warning to discourage citizens from breaking the law. Now, the lawbreaker known as nature will make its mark.

    100 years after people: Vine grow underneath the bridge while plants grow on the roadway above. Singapore is reverting to the jungle it started out.

    150 years after people: Salty air from the river has sped up the corrosion of the bridge. The supports give w…

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  • Mr. Idiot

    In the East of the United States of America, the Pentagon stands as the HQ of the U.S. Army.The structure, looking like a pentagon from aerial view, was a target for the 9/11 terrorist attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center.The building has 4,200 wall clocks, according to Ripley's Believe it or Not.Now in a life after people, how long can it last?

    100 years after people: The wall clocks finally fall off the walls and soon, the lights also collapse.The interior is rotting away.

    300 years after people: The walls are in good shape, but the roof is taking on pressure.Vines and rain have damaged it so it collapses, bringing down the parking lot. The rubble pushes apart the walls and the Headquarters of the United States Army crashes down, …

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  • Wingman1

    Komodo Dragon

    October 14, 2013 by Wingman1

    The Komodo dragon[3] (Varanus komodoensis), also known as the Komodo monitor, is a large species of lizard found in the Indonesian islands of Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Gili Motang, and Padar.[4] A member of the monitor lizard family (Varanidae), it is the largest living species of lizard, growing to a maximum length of 3 metres (10 ft) in rare cases and weighing up to approximately 70 kilograms (150 lb).

    3 days after people: Komodo Dragons notices our absence and begin to retake Flores, where were they pushed out by humans.

    2 weeks after people: Komodo Dragons aren't pets, they are meat eating varanus lizards, After 2 weeks, they begin to kill house pets and begin to swim to New Guinea.

    3 years after people: The Komodo's relative, Megalania went…

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  • Whipsnade

    OK, this is not cannon to the TV show or film, but it would make an interesting addition and is factually sound.

    Without due care the London would floods would get worse over time. Whilst some places like the low-lying Isle of Grain, Canvey Island, Hoo peninsular, Benfleet and Isle of Sheppey would flood more frequently, others further up stream like Plummeted, the Greenwich peninsular, West Ham and the Isle of Dogs would once more become permanent swamps and tidal marshlands.

    Some possible factors that could come in to play-

    Most of the Thames was surrounded by at leads a few feet of flood plain or marshland. Large tracts were swamps or mud flats were running all the way from the River Lea’s outflow to Canvey Island and the Isle of Grain.


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  • Galloman

    The Stardust Resort and Casino was a casino resort located on 63 acres (25 ha) along the Las Vegas Strip in Winchester, Nevada.It opened in 1958, although most of the modern casino complex--including its main 32-story tower--was built in 1991. It closed on November 1 ,2006 and imploded on March 13, 2007 in order to make space for the Echelon place.

    The Stardust is not closed due to the events of Life After People, how long will the Stardust last?

    1 day after people: As the Las Vegas power strip shuts down, the Stardust loses power and goes dark.

    2 days after people: The food inside the Stardust begins to rot away. The cards begin to grow moldy.

    5 weeks after people: The last of supply of food rots away and the cards is being chewed on by pests…

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  • Whipsnade

    The Universe and beyond

    August 23, 2013 by Whipsnade

    OK, this is not cannon to the TV show or film, but it would make an interesting addition and is factually sound.

    The Universe is a gigiantic space filled with stars and galaxies, this is also the type of space our solar system as well as the earth is in. But how will the universe look like without people?

    Opportunity continues to explore Mars, sending information that will never be seen on Earth.

    On Earth all cities go dark. Weather satellites still orbit the earth at a height of 510 miles. Their solar panels will keep them running for decades but the ground stations they send their data to are empty.

    Opportunity's wheels stop functioning, and is stuck in the Endeavour Crater. The debris hit other satellites, including the Hubble by debris thr…

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  • Wingman1


    August 18, 2013 by Wingman1

    Is they any active Admins here? This place is in need of some TLC from an admin.  Wingman1 03:35, August 18, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Whipsnade

    Please, this page is highly unrealistic for me. I don't like furniture, and would rather sell it to get electronics.

    Well that's nice and all but this isn't your page.

    You must be a loser if electronics are worth more to you than furniture. If I had electronics, I would sell them to get things that REALLY matter like teakettles, brooms, hamster wheels, etc. If I had a car, I would even sell it to get a trip to Europe.

    Is the page even cannon?

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  • Wingman1


    August 9, 2013 by Wingman1

    2 Weeks after People: In zoos all across the world, there is no one to supply the rhinos with food massive amounts of food they need to feed themselves. Desperate for food, the rhinos, along with African and Asian elephants, lions, tigers, camels, zebras, ostriches and other exotic animals, break out of their pens. With the extinction of humans, the main predator of adult rhinos is gone, but will they be able to survive in the new wilderness?

    The first Winter after People: Winter has come to the Northern Hemisphere. Both of the African species,White and Black rhinos, and both of the Asian species,Indian and Sumatran rhinos, of rhino have survived. However, a rhino's body is not designed to keep warm air in. Rhinos, along with African and Asi…

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  • Stellaruniversexmpls

    Milad Tower is the tallest building in Iran's capital, Tehran. It has 12 floors and is 435 m high from ground to pinnacle. But, if Iran's population disappeared in a instant, will it last?

    1 day after people: Tehran's power grid fails, Milad Tower blacks out.

    10 years after people: The head is made of glass for observation, but the glass breaks and Milad Tower is now vulnerable to corrosion.

    50 years after people: The pinnacle collapses. Milad Tower's head has corroded.

    125 years after people: The head pancakes down because the head is too heavy for the bottom to handle, the tallest building in Iran is gone..

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  • Stellaruniversexmpls

    The Titan Tower is a 26-story made-up building that is made of an unknown steel and marble mixture.

    It would be powered for 7 decades without maintenance. But, will it survive the Big Disaster?

    5 days after people: The Los Angeles Grid fails. Fortunately, the Titan Tower is powered by solar power.

    1 year after people: Refrigerators stop working. All other technology fails. All that remains is light power.

    30 years after people: The silt is starting to make the building's power fail.

    70 years after people: The silt has covered the solar panels. The Titan Tower's electrical power fails completely.

    100 years after people: Neighboring buildings are beginning to collapse.

    500 years after people: Titan Tower's neighboring buildings are now nothing but …

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  • Stellaruniversexmpls

    Freeway Cars are busy roads.

    1 second after people: Cars crash onto other cars in Freeway without people to drive them.

    40 years after people: Without people to maintain the cars, the cars begin to rust.

    100 years after people: All the Freeway Cars rust, and collapse.

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  • Stellaruniversexmpls

    Vostra Tower is located in Mumbai, India.

    2 days after people: Power goes out.

    50 years after people: Vostra Tower is covered in greenery. Without humans, the cleaner doesn't wash after the power failed 5 decades earlier.

    100 years after people: Vostra Tower is now weak. A magnitude 8.2 earthquake strikes Mumbai, but only the top collapses. The rest refuses to collapse, even though it's weak.

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  • Wingman1

    UPC International Bridge is a suspension bridge in Canada, Toronto.

    1 month after people: Power goes out.

    200 years after people: The suspension cables snap and fall.

    30 years after people: Soon, UPC International Bridge is gone.

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  • ChuckNorrisfan100

    The Sands Hotel was a historic Las Vegas Strip hotel/casino that operated from December 15, 1952, to June 30, 1996. Designed by the architect Wayne McAllister, the Sands was the seventh resort to open on the Strip. During its heyday, the Sands was the center of entertainment and "cool" on the Strip, and hosted many famous entertainers of the day. Regulars were able to mingle with the stars in the lounge after their late-night shows. In its time, the Sands was located next door to the Desert Inn. The two adjacent properties were owned by the reclusive businessman Howard Hughes in the mid-1960s. But in the early 1990's it has started to old, and eventually got closed and demolished. But what if it haven't? Then how long would it last?

    1 day after peo…

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  • Wingman1

    New York New York Las Vegas is an artsy tribute to the United States Largest City. It features models of the Manhattan Skyline, the Brooklynn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty. Along with a Mega Mall and a rollercoaster that twists, loops, and skyrockets over and around the vecinety of the hotel. How long will it last?

    2 Days After People: Inside New York New York, the rollercoaster still loops around the replication of New York. Meanwhile, the candy and Jellybean Statue of Liberty spots a small Sugar Ant crawling up its torch, ready for a feast that would last for days. But in the Coca Cola Coolers, Trouble is brewing. The soda that was once gulped down by the millions is setting an explosive Broadway Production too sweet for words. The Co…

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  • Texasnative13

    This is a page I created for people to post suggestions they want to see on Life After People. I will try to get to all of them if I can. Anyone else is welcome to do any buildings on this page. Have fun!

    I would like some skyscrapers from all over the world.I want them already built ones,nothing else.

    MGM Tower in Los Angeles, The Arch in Hong Kong , 100 Federal Street in Boston, Harbour Centre in Vancouver, Capital Tower in Singapore, Torre Polar 2 in Caracas, ANTEL Telecommunications Tower in Montevideo, All of Manchester in the style of San Antonio, One Churchill Place in London, SkyCity Grand in Auckland, 88 on Field in Durban, Centara Grand Hotel in Bangkok, Intenational Printing Museum in Carson, Kuwait Telecommunications Tower in Kuw…

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  • Happy9999

    This epsiode is about luxury things around the world. The Gold toilet in Hong Kong will collapse with the building.

    Nauru Iman Palace will become dust. Tutankhamun's gold mask will be buried under Cairo Museum's ruins .

    Budapest Palace's clock tower will be destroied by the falls of the clock.

    This epsiode talks about great stone structures. Like Le Mont-StMichel, Teotihuacan, Rocca castle, The Court of Cass.

    this episode discusses places in the north-western united states, particularly aroudn yellowstone park and the famous snake river.

    like the LDS temples in Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, and salt lake city, , Harison Ford's home, the old faithful lodge, old faithful itself, and the Dee events center in Ogden, Utah. This also discusses cities in t…

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  • Cristobal1234

    GreenGru Airportscraper is a skyscraper designed for Evolo skyscraper competition 2012. Inspired by the towering cranes found in big cities, the 380 meter-tall GreenGru skyscraper provides public transportation via air to residents of metropolises with traffic problems or airports located far from the core. It also works as an energy station, generating enough power from within to run its own systems and light up some of the surrounding city as well.

    The building’s name capitalizes on the energy creation inside, a process the designers have dubbed “Artificial Photosynthesis Installation,” explaining the “green.” “Gru” is the Italian translation of “tower crane,” the basis of its look.

    The tower’s mast is made of carbon-nanotube-reinforced st…

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  • Wingman1

    Statue of Quenton City

    March 14, 2013 by Wingman1

    The Statue of Quenton City is a colossal neoclassical sculpture on Quenton Island in Quenton Harbor, designed by Frédéric Bartholdi and dedicated on October 28, 1886. The statue, a gift to the United States from the people of France, is of a robed female figure representing Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom, who bears a torch and a tabula ansata (a tablet evoking the law) upon which is inscribed the date of the American Declaration of Indpendence, July 4, 1776. A broken chain lies at her feet. The statue is an icon of freedom and of the United States: a welcoming signal to immigrants arriving from abroad. But danger is just around the corner. 

    290 Years after People: It's been 290 years since the Quenton City World Financial Center coll…

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  • Wingman1

    The Wave Tower

    March 14, 2013 by Wingman1

    The Wave Tower is a visionary 92 floor supertall skyscraper for the Madinat Al Arab district of Dubai Waterfront in Dubai, United Arab Emirates designed by the Spanish architecture firm A-cero. It is planned to be 370 meters (1,214 ft) tall and is designed to be a green energy building. It was planned to begin construction in late 2009.

    It tries to create a dynamic way while a geometric shape rises and twists, like a wave, like the use in the bottom of the form of the pointed arch that extends as evoking waves of the sea, hence its name. It is covered with a double glass skin to control sunlight and with a white silk screened glass facade.

    As beginning of 2013, no progress has been made.

    1 Day after People: As Dubai's power grid fails, it tak…

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  • Wingman1

    The new Six Armenia World Trade Center is an envisioned building in Yerevan, Armenia. Designed by Mark Kostabi in the 1990s, it would have had 160 floors and would have been 2,000 feet (609.6 m) high. It was one of the many ideas for the Yerevan World Trade Center site. The Floor plates at the base of the building contain more than 200,000 square feet. It was proposed in the late 1990s as the world's tallest building by developer Mark Kostabi. How long can it last?

    1 Day after People: The lights of Yerevan cease.

    6 Months after People: A pipe nearby the tower ruptures causing little damage.

    3 Years after People: A massive category 3 hurricane smashes through Yerevan, destroying much of the tower's windows.

    15 Years after People: Some of the gl…

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  • Wingman1

    Yerevan Tower

    March 13, 2013 by Wingman1

    The Yerevan Tower is the lead building of the Yerevan World Trade Center complex in Yerevan, Armenia. The 104-story supertall skyscraper is being constructed in the northwest corner of the 16-acre Yerevan World Trade Center site, occupying the location where the original Six Armenia World Trade Center once stood. The building is bounded to the south by the Hrazdan River. How long can it last?

    1 Day after People: Yerevan blacks out as the glowing lights of Yerevan are never to be seen again.

    3 Years after People: After 3 years of corrosion, the modern interior is now a rusting skeleton.

    50 Years after People: The advanced humidity rushes degrading. But the Yerevan Tower is farther from the corroding salt water, so it will last longer. But the B…

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  • Wingman1


    February 11, 2013 by Wingman1

    Murano is a building in Philadelphia.

    2 Days: Murano's Power goes out.

    1 Month: Murano begins to lean as it can't take any more.

    2 Years: Murano implodes by itself.

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  • Unnofan6

    R.A.R.D.A.R.B.S.T.W. is a roblox game, how long can it last?

    1 Day: Rockets break down, and one accidently slides down the cliff but misses. 3 Rockets left.

    2 Weeks: A rocket falls off, makes it, but BANG! The winner's area is destroyed into shreds, only the Winner's baseplate survives.

    1 Year: The remaining rockets fall off and fail.

    5 Years: Winner's baseplate falls down.

    10 Years: Slide breaks.

    15 Years: The rest collapses.

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  • Unnofan6

    101 California Street

    February 7, 2013 by Unnofan6

    101 California street is a tall tower in san francisco, california. How long can it last?

    1 day: Power goes out

    1 month: A strong wind brings the windows out

    2 years: The tower part is now a skeleton, the base is in ok condition

    10 years: The tower falls down, damaging everything in its way before breaking in half.

    25 years: The base is reduced to almost nothing.

    45 years: The base is gone, and yet another structure is gone.

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  • Unnofan6

    Fort Vince

    February 6, 2013 by Unnofan6

    Fort Vince is a heavy duty military base. It has 6 guns, and it's own airstrip. Life after people, destruction ensues, but not under enemy fire, under nature!

    1 Day: Power goes out.

    1 Week: Grass overgrows.

    1 Month: 4 Guns break, 2 remain.

    1 Year: Airstip covered by grass, along with the road.

    5 Years: Walls and Gate crumble under pressure, buildings begin to crumble.

    10 Years: Remaining Guns destroyed.

    25 Years: Buildings collapse, one by one.

    50 Years: Last building collapses.

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  • Wingman1

    Burj Pentominium

    February 1, 2013 by Wingman1

    The Burj Pentominium is a 122-storey, 516 m (1,693 ft) supertall skyscraper under construction in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Construction on the tower was halted since August 2011. Now, in a world without people, how long will it stand without maintenence?

    1 Day after people: The power shuts down and the lights go out over Dubai.

    2 Years after peopleThe tower is doing fine, at least for now. Only a few plants are climbing the tower and animals are living inside.

    60 Years after peopleThe building stands around a city that is now covered in vegetation.

    65 Years after peopleThe tower has now gone green. Plants invade the exterior as well as the outside walls. Spores coming from the top of the tower are landing across buildings around the …

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  • Wingman1

    Field Museum

    January 26, 2013 by Wingman1

    The Field Museum is a natural history museum in Chicago. It contain several human and animal artifacts, and one of the best T.rex fossils, Sue. How long will it last?

    20 years after people: Storm winds from openings in the museum knock down most fossils, but Sue, due to its large size and supports, stays up, despite mineral deposits. The storm floods the inside, but does not do that much damage.

    30 years after people: The Brachiosaurus, already damaged from the storm, is knocked down in a now-seasonal  flood. The Tsavo man-eaters are devoured by insects, leaving only the supports,fake eyes, and partial skin. Sue's rusty supports pop out in the flood,and the mineral-encased skeleton falls, with the exception of the legs.They too pop out soon.…

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  • Cryptile33

    Toys "R" Us

    January 8, 2013 by Cryptile33

    The power goes out, so do the lights

    Anything made of paper rots away as glass breaks in a storm

    Toys R us stores around the globe collapse

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  • Wingman1

    Gibraltar Super Bridge

    January 7, 2013 by Wingman1

    The Gibraltar Super Bridge is a fantasy suspension bridge located in Gibraltar,Spain. If built it would higher than the Burj Khlaifa and would the tallest and longest bridge in the world. But how long can this fantasy bridge last for.

    1 day after people: As power plants fail around the world the Gibraltar Bridge blacks out.

    150 years after people: Along the bridge the huge hanger cables support the deck. But the strain of the deck has put to much pressure on the rusting cables. Finally the cables give way and the roadway falls over 300 ft into the ocean. Though the huge towers still stand.

    250 years after people: The huge towers still stand across Spain. But the base of the towers has been subject to over 2 centuries of sea water. Finally one…

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  • Sangmubaodi

    Kwangbok Apartment Tower is located in Pyongyang, North Korea, it is a 42 story residental skyscraper. It is the tallest residental building and fifth tallest building in the city. Now, how long can it last?

    100 Years After People: After 100 years of neglect, the Kwangbok Apartment Tower collapses. Only few buildings still standing in the city.

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  • Marc122

    The Pingan International Finance Center is a super-tall skyscraper is under construction in Shenzhen, China. It will be the tallest building in the city, and the third tallest building in the world. Its total height is 660 meters, and floor count 115. Now, how long can it last? 15 Years After People: Glass start to fall from the building. 

    100 Years After People: The Shun Hing Square collapses, desrtoys some nearist buildings, but because it's far from Pingan International Finance Center, it doesn't damage the building.

    150 Years After People: Kingkey 100 collapses, but also hardly damages the building.

    400 Years After People:  After 4 centuries of neglegt and the weather of Shenzhen, the rusting building collapses, and destroys some nearest buil…

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  • Wingman1


    December 4, 2012 by Wingman1

    Houston is a city in the state of Texas. It is the largest city in Texas and the fourth biggest in the United States. The city alone has 2.1 million people living in a 1700 km area. It contains many buildings such as the Astrodome, Houston City Hall, BBVA Compass Stadium and the JP Morgan Chase Tower. It also contains the fantasy buildings: Houston Tower, The Houston Diamond and the Bank of the Southwest Tower. If the fantasy buildings were built along with the buildings built today how long can Houston last?

    1 day after people:At an oil refinery along Houston's shipping channel still runs. But the lack of oil to the refineries reactor causes the whole plant to explode. This repeats along other refineries until the whole shipping channel is…

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  • Whipsnade

    Canary Wharf

    November 12, 2012 by Whipsnade

    Canary Wharf is a major business district in London, England.It contains many of the Uk's tallest buildings such as One Canada Square and 8 Canada Square. It contains 14,000,000 square feet of office and retail space. But how long can Canary Wharf last without people?

    1 day after people: The famous Canary Wharf skyline blacks out when London's power grid falls.

    1 week after people: The food in the restaurnts around Canary Wharf is rotting attracting creatures to the area.

    3 months after people: A major rainstorm comes in from the North Sea and floods Canary Wharf destroying the famous restaurnt though the building don't suffer any damage.

    1 year after people: The tallest building in the district One Canada Square is doing good, but soon salt w…

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  • Wingman1

    Great Barrier Reef

    October 23, 2012 by Wingman1

    100,000 years after people:The Great Barrier Reef offshore of Australia remains unchanged.It is the world's largest reef.In fact,it has actually grown.Without divers and tourists and their boats disturbing the peace,the Great Barrier Reef endures.

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  • Voodoo Montgomery

    Tower Verre

    October 12, 2012 by Voodoo Montgomery

    In New York City,a structure,called Tower Verre,is a proposed structure almost as tall as the Empire State Building.When built,it will be 320 meters tall.But the pyramid-shaped multi-purposed tower needs maintained.How long will it last?

    50 years after people:The structure's set up is a concrete pillar center,a thin steel frame with glass freestanding around it.Finally,50 years without being clean proves too much for the glass,and it falls.But the steel frame survives.

    150 years after people:The steel frame finally falls in a heap of twisted metal.The base of the concrete core fails,and the last of the Tower Verre collapses.

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  • Drewmccone

    1 day after people at cedar point theme park in ohio there is roller coaster that is sky high" top thill dragsater.

    25 years after people now cedar point is a swamp stream top thill dragsater is almost falling apart. it was finshed may 4, 2003 and the second tallest roller coaster in the world.

    30 years after people now top thrill dragster is being in failture and rotting away the strucker roller coaster cracks and falls.

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  • Wingman1


    August 6, 2012 by Wingman1

    Graceland was the home of the king of Rocknroll Elvis Presly, with rooms that never cease to impress. In the time of humans it was one of the most popular tourist attractions around. But how long can it last?

    5 years after people: Graceland is losing the Music. at the top of the grand stiarcase is the symbol of the king. The classic rhinestone outfit that once sybolized his originality. But after five years the suit is in tatters. In the kitchen, mold has obscured the marble floor and the counters, the pantry is a nest of crickets and it's a Jungle in the jungle room. Graceland is now a Party. (of animals)

    50 Years after people: Outside of Graceland, the iconic gate of musical notes has subdued to rust, the final hinge popps out and the gate…

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  • Wingman1

    Mission Control

    August 6, 2012 by Wingman1

    Mission Control in Houston was 1 of the most important structures in the Space Expedition. Just on the edge of the Houston city limit, how long can the Mission Control keep contact with space?

    1 day: The Mīßšìœń Çøñtröł works as usual but as the power fails, every computer in the building never makes contact with space again.

    50 years: Mission Control is now invaded by the lower inside by weeds and muck. The computer's glass is brownish and covered in plants. Fish and other water-dwellers move into the marsh inside the lower building.

    150 years: Vines cover the top of mission control and drip in from holes in the roof: The weight of the vines on the roof provides too much weight for it to handle and collapses. The collapse destroys the lower …

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  • Wingman1

    Houston City Hall

    August 5, 2012 by Wingman1

    Houston City Hall is the center of the government of the 4th largest city in the United States. meetings and laws are made here. but humans are no longer here,  Houston can't declare battle on nature but only it's City Hall. but can this city hall survive?

    1 day: Houston blacks out and the sprinklers on the pond infront of City Hall have stopped.

    25 years: City hall is surrounded with muck and weeds and the glass has lost its color.

    70 years: the glass panels actually survive arough hurricane but it has weakended the galss and they fall onto the swampland below:

    10,000 years after people: City Hall has won the war against nature, but how? the aluminum in the building is gone but City Hall has a plan. the outside was covered in Texas Cordova li…

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  • Wingman1

    Houston Metroline

    August 5, 2012 by Wingman1

    The Houston Metroline is the brother of the San Fransisco cable cars. The metroline is a series of busses that go around Houston that are supported by cables. How long until the metroline goes on another voyage?

    1 day: As Houston is dark the busses' lights are still on because the engine is still roaring.

    1 week: The engines finally runs out of gas and the cable cars go dark.

    50 years: The cable cars have been wearing down for 5 decades but have still survived, although the wires that hold the busses up have spent the same time corroding and holding up thousands of pounds. The cables dont give way but the attachment to the cable car does and now busses run around Houston at 100 miles an hour. One starts aim at a building and collides with it.…

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  • Lolrly123

    Nintendo Headquarters

    August 4, 2012 by Lolrly123

    In Redmond, Washington stands the Nintendo HQ. It is a short building. How long will the roof last?

    100 years after people: The roof caves in. The computers are destroyed. Eventually, the walls collapse. Nintendo is no more. But in New York City, the Nintendo World Store lives on.

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