800px-National Congress of Brazil
In early 1900s, the Brazilian National Congress happened to be in separate buildings. The Senate, for instance, was located near Railway Central Station, beside the Republica's Square, at Moncorvo Filho Street, where there is today a Federal University of Rio de Janeiro students' center. The Federal Chamber of Deputies was located at Misericórdia Street, where it would be built later the State of Rio de Janeiro's local Chamber of Deputies. From the 1930s to early 1960s, the Senate occupied the Monroe Palace, which was demolished in the 1970s to allow the construction of the subway Cinelândia station. The Federal Chamber of Deputies moved to Brasília in early 1960s as well, but temporarily occupied for a couple of years a building near the Municipal Theater.

1 day after people,the power cuts off.

5 years after people,flood Influxes the street of Brasília,also the building's low floors are submerged by water,the building starts to tremor.

7 years after people,the 2 connecting bridges fall,also one of the 2 buildings collapses,the other one follows.

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