Broadway after 100 Years


Broadway Theater before we Vanish

1 day after people.In Times Square,the famous street called Broadway is quiet.There are no more performances.But some movies are still on.And the magnificent lights still gliter along the famous street.The sign that marks the street is still lit up by the bright colors of Broadway.

2 days after people.Broadway is still a light in the night.But when the power go's out,the night is fully returned to darkness.Only 3 lights remain on;the Rictoh Sign,also in Times Square,the light on the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio De Janiero,and the lights of the Santa Monica Ferris Wheel on the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles.The show's over.

10 years after people.On the street once called Broadway,the street itself is being blanketed in a blanket of green.

50 years after people.The Broadway Sign,which marks the sigt of Broadway,finally falls forward.It now lies on the street.Eventually rust will take over.

100 years after people.The famous theaters of Broadway are finally starting to collapse.

350 years after people.Broadway is no more than rubble.The street itself finally cracks.An opening swallows Broadway,rubble,sign,and all.

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