50 years after people In Brussels the airport is rotting.A minor 3.9 earthquake in the ocean triggers a tsunami not strong enough to destroy buildings,but still able to throw ANY kind of vehicle.The tsunami soon hits the airport.It throws the aircraft around like toys.One airplane hits the control tower.The top of the control tower was built to survive airplane crashes like this,but no one thought about the leg.The control tower can't survive the collision,but several minutes pass before it collapses.Another airplane hits Terminal 1.The roof collapses.But all it takes to bring down Terminal 6 are all the propellers of a biplane and a helicopter.The main roder of the helicopter splits through the walls,leaving only a pile of rubble.Soon airplanes start destroying the main building.The rest of the terminals are destroyed by an aftershock.The rest of the airplanes are destroyed when they hit eather the ground,a building,or another airplane.

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