1 day after people

In the swamps of the Florida Everglades alligators are the apex predator but their domains are threatened by other cold-blooded killers, the invasive Burmese Pythons. Burmese Pythons were originally brought to Florida as pets but were set loose by owners who felt they could not control the rapidly growing snakes. They can grow as long as 25 feet. There are now an estimated 30,000 Burmese Pythons currently living in the Florida Everglades and without people they will be able to grow and breed undisturbed.

1 year after people

In the Florida Everglades alligators still outnumber Burmese Pythons but the tables are beginning to turn in the Pythons favor.

150 years after people

The Burmese Pythons have now become the apex predator in the Florida Everglades. The snakes are more adaptable than alligators, being able to live in dryer climates and able to climb trees. The Burmese Pythons have also colonized new territory and they now dominate the lower 40% of the United States. However, young Burmese Pythons will be preyed on by alligators, dogs, bears, increasing Florida panther populations, lions and sometimes chimpanzees.

25,000 years after people

A new Ice Age will keep python numbers in check.

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