The China Central Television headquarters

The tower today

building is an over 200 meter,44 story tower in Beijing.Complete in 2009,it survived a fire before the scheduled completition.It was ignited by fireworks on Lantern Festival Day.Now,how long can it last?

25 years:Lightning strikes the Television Cultural Building,destroying the building.It reaches the CCTV HQ.It turns the tower into a charred steel skeleton.

50 years:The building's design was maid to withstand storng winds.But fire damage and 50 years of neglect are putting it to the ultimate test.Strangely,a 100 mile an hour wind isn't enough.It will take something else.The winter comes.Snow puts weight on  the roof.Finally,the roof collapses.A cascade of twisted metal crashes to the ground.

200px-CCTV new headquarters Fire 20090209

Lightning strikes

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