Cassini Probe in Sky's the Limit

8 years after people, 750 million miles from the Earth, The Cassini Probe continues to orbit Saturn. Its mission is over and NASA planned to incinerate the probe in Saturn’s atmosphere so that extremophile bacteria that may have hitched a ride on the probe would not contaminate anything, but since there is nobody to divert to probe to into Saturn the probe continues to orbit the planet.

20 years after people, The Cassini Probe crash lands on the moon Enceladus causing the extremophile bacteria that stowed away on the probe to contaminate its watery ocean. Enceladus can now sustain life, just as Earth can.

2,000,000 years after people: The bacteria on the Cassini Probe has evolved into the life that was once on Earth, transforming a barren wasteland into a lush, Eden-like paradise.

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