Cayan Tower, known as Infinity Tower prior to its inauguration, is a 306 metres (1,004 ft), 80 story skyscraper on Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Upon its opening on 10 June 2013, the tower has become world's tallest high rise building with a twist of 90 degrees. However, with no humans left on the shores of the desertic town, how much this building can last?

45 Years After People: Cayan Tower is struck by a massive sandstorm, crushing the remaining windows out of it, destroying the inside. luckily the 90 degree tower still stands.

100 Years After People: an massive 9.4 Earthquake appears on Tehran, Iran. It affects some of Dubai Skyscrapers, but the quake on the arounds is just 6.7, because of its long length connection between. very few buildings collapsed. Cayan Tower still stands even with its spiral design.

250 Years After People: Cayan Tower is still standing, until another sandstorm crushes the city, taking Burj Khalifa with it. somehow the building outlasts the massive tower, becoming one of the last towers standing on Dubai.

315 Years After People: Time has come for the building. an Windstorm appears with a 200 Feet Tall sandstorm. the sandstorm attacks Cayan Tower, crushing its supports, collapsing on a pancake style. the building was outlasted by the other spiral tower HSB Turning Torso.

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