San Remo

The San Remo apartments burn.

New York City's famous Central Park still gleams with many trees. The San Remo apartments still tower over the surrounding area; although they're not the tallest buildings in the park. The Time Warner Center towers are the tallest. But the trees are in for a big surprise. Flamable linseed oil inside the San Remo catchs fire, due to wet rags left behind by painters. Soon the entire apartments are a burning inferno. One tree catches fire. The fire "hops" from one tree to another. Soon the entire park is on fire. The sign atop the Essex House hotel falls into the building itself. The tower collapses. The glass on the Time Warner Center breaks. When the fire reaches the gas station, there's a huge explosion. The trees around it become black, charred, scorched trunks. Soon, the fire stops. Many buildings still stand.

150 years after people: The buildings have collapsed. The park is taking over the city.

1000 years after people: Central Park is now a forest filled with deer, bears, wolves, birds and escaped zoo animals (the savannah animals and grasseaters live near the beaches)

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