The Chateau Frontenac is a hotel in Quebec City, Canada. The original part was built in 1893. The central tower was in the 1950's and is 252 feet tall. It is one of the most famous buildings in Ontario, but how long will it last without people?

2 days after people: The power fails in Ottawa. The lights go out at the hotel.

1 year after people: Snow piles on the driveway. No one is around to clear the paths, so the snow keeps building up.

5 years after people: Snow melt has caused water to leak inside the lobby, caused fungi and mold to grow. Windows have blown in high winds, allowing seeds inside.

25 years after people: Continued snow buildup and melting has caused holes to open up in the copper roof, letting water and snow into the building.

50 years after people: Most of the windows have broken and most of the detailwork has fallen off, damaging parts of the hotel.

100 years after people: 100 years of neglect have weakened the hotel. The central tower has leaned over to the southwest. Finally, the tower topples over on to the hotel, causing the hotel to collapse.

1000 years after people: The site where the Chateau Frontenac was is now a dense forest. It seems the hotel has been lost forever, but there was a retaining wall built out of massive stone blocks to hold back the soil the hotel sat on. The wall has mostly been buried under the soil of the forest. The wall might be one of the last remains of humans in Canada.

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