Chruch of Hallgrìmur

The Church of Hallgrìmur

The Church of Hallgrìmur is a lutheran church in Reykjavìk, Iceland. It was built between 1945 and 1986, and is one of Icelands most well known landmarks. It is said that the church was built to resemble the basalt lava flows of Icelands landscape. Outside the church is a statue of Leif Eriksson, a Norwegian viking explorer that was the first European to discover America, over 500 years before Christoffer Colombus. The statue was a gift from the United States. Leif discovered the land of possibilies, but with nobody to remember him, will his legacy fall to dust?

Leif Errikson Memorial

The Leif Eriksson Memorial

500 Years after People: In Reykjavìk, the Church of Hallgrìmur is still rising over the landskape. It's well protected by it's large stone walls and pyramid shape, and the cold climate of Iceland slows down corosion. But Iceland has a hidden threat to the church. It's on the middle of two continental plates that moves away from each other. This makes Iceland full of vulcanoes and earthquakes. An earthquake strikes the city 500 years after people, and the church, already weakened by other earthquakes, cracks at the base. The tower topples over and crashed down on the church below.

1000 Years after People: The church, and most of Reykjavìk is gone, but the statue of Leif Eriksson still looks down from it's base. The bronze statue refuses to corrode, but it's base is more exposed. Even if the base would fail, the statue would survive, bringing Leifs memory into eternity.

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