The City of Manchester Stadium is a football stadium located in Manchester, England. It is currently home to Manchester City FC. Built in 2002 it has a capacity of 47,805 seats which makes one of the biggest stadiums in the country. This stadium saw the epic climax to 2011-12 Premier League season seeing Man City clinch the title from Man Utd. But will Old Trafford last longer we shall see?

1 day after people: The power grid fails and the City of Manchester stadium goes dark.

1 year after people: Outside the stadium plants are growing out of control. But inside the stadium the grass still seams as it was when people left. Why? Because the pitch is filled with half grass and half artifical grass. This means seeds which drop on to the pitch can't use their roots to grow. So the stadium is safe from plant grow.

10 years after people: Inside the stadium the netting on the goal has decayed while the huge glass panels on the outside of the stadium finally break allow rain and wind into the inside of the stadium.

50 years after people: While the pitch remains clean, six huge towers support the stadium. They are support by wires covered twice in zinc which dosen't corrode as much as a normal wire. Could this lead to the stadiums downfall?

70 years after people: On the outside of the stadium, Man City's Logo have been corroding for over half a century. Finally the bolts shear of and the logo smashes to the crumbling ground below.

200 years after people: On the other side of Manchester Old Trafford finally collaspes meaning Man City's stadium wins the rivalry.

250 years after people: It has been 50 years since Old Trafford collasped. But the City of Manchester Stadium is in dire starights. The zinc coated wires years ago lose the zinc coating allowing corrosion to take hold. Finally one wire snaps and one of the huge six towers falls away from the stadium. The shaking of the tower snaps the other wires bringing the other towers down. Without the towers the roof of the stadium collaspes on to the seats and rest of the stadium collaspes into the what is left of Manchester

1000 years after people: Centuries ago the City of Manchester Stadium collasped. But buried underground lays the trophy in which Man City won the Premier League in 2012. It was protected from a shatter proof case which when the stadium collasped it survired and it was buried underneath the rubble of the stadium. Even though the trophy is made of normal steel it will survivre as long as it remains underground.

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