The CN Tower before we disappeared.

The Canadian National Tower in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is a world-famous landmark. At 1,815 feet tall it is the tallest observation tower in North America and the tallest structure in Toronto. In a life after people, if a high wind was to blow in, however, this would not be true.

1 day after people: The tower is dark as power grid fails in Toronto.

20 years after people: The tallest building in Canada has no glass or floor.

200 years after people: The CN Tower still looms over Toronto but it is not as strong as it used to be. The tower's antenna falls from Toronto into Lake Ontario.


The CN Tower is the world's 5th tallest freestanding structure. The tallest structure in Canada now collapses.

300 years after people: The foundation of the CN Tower has been blasted by the fierce Canadian weather 

for three centuries. Finally, the tower cracks where it is most vulnerable, just below the observation pod. The pod breaks off and tumbles down into the building below, slicing it in half. The remaining concrete pillar still stands, but soon the foundation is to weak to keep it up.

305 years after people: The tower tips over and collapses.

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