The Coca-Cola building, owned by Coca-Cola, is a commercial skyscraper in Downtown Atlanta. In the time of humans it quenched the thirst of billions around the world by producing hundreds of thousands of bottles of Coca Cola a day.

1 day after people: The machinery used to bottle the soda dies when the power fails. The unsealed Coca-Cola bottles expire quickly, losing their carbonation within hours.

1 week after people: Insects have invaded the building, followed suit by birds, rodents, and other predators that prey on insects. The building quickly becomes flooded with animals and their waste.

9 months after people: The last of the soda becomes undrinkable, and begin to grow mold.

50 years after people: the structure will be blanketed in kudzu.

100 years after people: The building is on its last legs. The choking of kudzu isn't enough. A fire finally collapses the Coca-Cola Building. Our replacements will never get to taste Coke. However, The plastic bottles will last for millions of years.