Four murals are inside Denver International Airport. The main one stretches across four walls. The first represents the end of the world. The second represents the destruction of peace. The third represents the comeback of peace.The fourth represents rebirth. Two mean evil; two men good. Also, there were originally 5 buildings, but they were mysteriously buried. And the underground tunnels were added to connect them all.It is still a mystery the reason why the five buildings were buried. Without maintenance, how long can this airport last?

1 day after people: The Denver power grid fails. But the power in the airport is still on. Nearby,a solar farm provides power.

50 years after people: The windows have blown out on the building with the murals. Dust has faded and scratched the murals, but they live on.The planes, however, are now rusting on the runway. An earthquake hits Denver. While the Wells Fargo Center easily survives, the tunnels of the airport cave in, destroying the connection between the buildings. The nearby solar farm is destroyed in the earthquake and the control tower also collapses. When the earthquake stops, the power in the airport goes out.

100 years after people: The main building has a fiberglass roof that resembles the area's famous Rocky Mountains. But,the roof was heavily damaged by the earthquake 5 decades ago. Finally, one by one, the mountains cave in. The murals are destroyed and the buildings that were buried have thouroughly decayed.

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