Just 10 days after people, a massive die-off of dogs begins. Those that remain trapped in ho

This dog is one of the many former family pets

uses die of starvation. The dogs that manage to escape will start to scavenge for food. Very few dog breeds will be suited to survive in a life after people. Small dogs or dogs that have been bred for special features like small legs or short muzzles will probably not survive a week unless if they live on islands. Average sized dogs have the best chance for survival. Greyhounds and guide dogs such as some of the labrador's are among the first dogs to die surviving only a few years after people.

At Camp Pendleton in California, German Shepherds trained by US marines manage to survive for the longhaul thanks to their training and Lacy Dogs from Texas also manage to survive by hutinng in packs to take down feral hogs and other animals. The Anatolian Sheep Dogs survive aswell and continue to protect their flocks of sheep which they have been taught to do by humans and protect their sheep and their young from predators.

150 years after people, the desendants of the surviving dogs have interbred with wolves and have now reverted back into the predators they were before domestication. Dogs now hunt in large packs to bring down larger prey such as cattle and reindeer just as their ancestors did thousands of years before.

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