The Dome of the Rock is a Muslim shrine built in Jerusalem on the Jewish Temple mount.It was built in 691 CE by the Muslim armies that conquered Jerusalem and built it on the site of the former Jewish temple.The great rock inside is thought to be the rock where Abraham was about to sacrifise his son Isaac to God. It has survived since then in almost perfect condition but it has been restored several times, can the Dome of
IMG 0812

Muslim Dome of the Rock

the Rock last forever?

1,000 years after people: Little structures still stand on Earth. Many of man's structures collapse at this point. Among these are the Colosseum and soon the Dome of the Rock.The base of the dome on the Dome of the Rock is being stressed by the weight. But it is'nt the base of the dome that will cause the fate of this magnificent Muslim shrine. It is the golden cresent,on top of it. The weakened dome can no longer stand the weight.It caves in. The rest of the structure simply falls apart. The Dome of the Rock is nothing but a pile of rubble. The Dome of the Rock may off collapsed but the rock inside the dome where Abraham was about to sacrifise his son to God has survived and may be one of the last religious icons in Jerusalem to survive well into the future.

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