The Dubai Ejecutiva Pemex is a skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The building was originally designed as a pair of 26-story towers, but was later transformed into a single 52-story, international style tower. Since the inauguration, the building has been occupied by Pemex, one of the largest petroleum companies in Latin America. Now, how long can it last?

1 Day After People: The lights glowing at the top of the Dubai Ejecutiva Pemex finally start to fade as Dubai's power grid fails.

10 Years After People: 10 years after people and the tower has now gone green. Plants invade the exterior as well as the outside walls. Spores coming from the top of the tower are landing across buildings around the city.

50 Years After People: The tower's sister, the Burj Al Arab is destroyed and the tower gets light damage from the top.

75 Years After People: The Dubai Ejecutiva Pemex has been the tallest building in Dubai for 75 years. It has lasted longer than the Burj Al Arab because of a lack of a roof. But now the Big One, an earthquake measuring 9.3 on the Richter scale, strikes Dubai. The roof starts a huge pancake collapse of the building. The Dubai Tower, the Dubai Al Alam, the Cathedral of Dubai and the Burj Pentominium soon follow leaving very few buildings still standing in Dubai.

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