The Dubai World Financial Center is a building complex located adjacent to the Dubai World Trade Center in Dubai. It consists of four office towers which are all connected at the base. How long can it last?

10 Years After People: Inside the Dubai World Financial Center's Winter Garden the non-native plants like the Mojave Desert Palm Trees have died and have been replaced with native plant species. The marble staircase is covered in vines and vegetation.

60 Years After People: The rusted atrium of the Winter Garden collapses.

75 Years After People: The tallest of the office towers, Three Dubai World Financial Center, collapses. Debris from the collapsing 3 Dubai World Financial Center causes the adjacent 4 Dubai World Financial Center and 2 Dubai World Financial Center to collapse and 2 Dubai World Financial Center falls into 1 Dubai World Financial Center. Soon the entire complex is reduced to rubble and the Dubai World Financial Center is no more.

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