The Earth Plaza is a fantasy building to be built in Houston. At a height of 2,133 feet, it wouldve been the tallest building in America. but will it be one of the longest standing?

1 day: Houston blacks out as the glowing lights of Houston are never to be seen again.

25 years: The windows of the tower start to lose their color making the tower look hideous.

75 years: A massive hurricane strikes blowing its windows and insides out.

150 years: The towers spire gives way, inching the tower down from 2,133 feet to just a little over 1,800 feet.

400 years: The tower has somehow survived 400 years without maintenance. But as a rare catagory 5 hurricane blows through Houston. Flooding finnaly makes the lower 4 floors give way and the tower comes down in twisted metal and concrete. It proves truth to be one of the longest standing, with 400 years without humans.

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