The statues of Easter Island, called Moai, off the coast of Chile, are mysterious. No one knows who built them and how they got there. Some of the hypotheses about them range from that they were idols of glorified ancestors to that they were representations of ancient aliens who had visited Earth long ago. In a life after people, no one will ever know for sure.

1000 years after people: An earthquake rattles Easter Island. Some Moai placed on the shore either crumble or fall over. Moai still placed in the ground however, survive the quake.

10,000 years after people: Although some Moai have either crumbled, fell over, been submerged by flooding or became unrecognisable by erosion, the Moai on Volcano Terevaka, and on Volcano Puakalike are still recognisable. They will continue to endure and along with Mount Rushmore, will be the last reminder that the human race ever existed.

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