Emirates Towers

The Emirates Towers

The Emirates Towers are a building comlex in Dubai. The twin towers serves as an office and a hotel, connected by a two story comlex. They are 1,165 and 1,014 feet tall and the 12th and 29th tallest buildings on Earth. But do they last long enough to be the tallest buildings on Earth?

10 Years after People: The harsh desert wind of Dubai has sandblown the Emirates Towers. Without window cleaning, the windows begin to shatter, leaving only a hollow skeleton.

200 Years after People: In Dubai, the Emirates Towers has endured two centuries of sand and dust. But their time has finally come. As the wind blows the rusted skeleton, the tallest of the towers begin to tilt. It has more weight of one side, the tallest point and only one corner to support it. The wind gives it a last push, and it falls down on the other tower, crushing it in the progress. Strangly, they are outlasted by the Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure on Earth. Khalifa outlast the Emirates because of it's pyramid design, having a larger areal at the base than the top.

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