The Encore is a 50 story hotel and casino in (Where else?) Las Vegas,Nevada.It accompanies its twin building,The Wynn (also in Las Vegas).It is known for its curve and yellow windows.How long will it last?

10 years after people:A sandstorm slams into the Encore,Smashing most of the windows and getting sand in the rooms.The slot machines in the casino are obviously not wor king because power went out long ago.In a very stupid, Freak accident,Lucky the clown gets torn off the "circus circus" sign and headbutts into the building.

70 years after people:The casino is in ruins.Parts of the floor caves in and smashes a slot chips and dice are still here.Lucky the clown headbutting the building has caused some partial collapse.The hotel is partially covered by a sand dune.YET ANOTHER sandstorm (not Darude) hits the Las Vegas strip.The Encore easily survives though.

100 years after people: The collapse of the cosmopolitan and the vdara has caused a chain reaction that reaches hotels like Veer,The mirage, And the encore.It shoves the Wynn hotel,which causes it to hit the st mark's campanile at the Venetian.And That hits the Madame Tussauds museum which causes the Venetian to collapse,Along with the sheer horror that is lots of hotels including The Linq, Hilton grand vacations, And the Paris Las Vegas to all fall down,Continuing the chain reaction.

1 million years after people:Only dice and poker chips remain out of all the hotels and stuff.

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