1 day: the Science Center at Los Angeles is adbandoned, and inside a building there is the Endeavour, a retired space shuttle. Power cuts, but nothing happens to Endeavour except its dark in the building.

5 years: Several plaques on the wall telling of space missions fall off, and the dirt path to the building gets covered in grass.

15 years: A wildfire hits LA, and the building and Endeavour moderately damaged. The ropes supporting Endeavour burn, and Endeavour now lies on the floor. The remaining plaques fall, and biggest of all, a wall falls down exposing the inside.

50 years: The big one, a 8.0 on the Richter scale, hits LA, the walls all fall down allowing the roof to fall down onto Endeavour, destroying the shuttle. Pieces of twisted and rusted metal and broken glass are all over the ruins.

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