Formula Rossa is a launched roller coaster located at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Manufactured by Intamin, Formula Rossa is the world's fastest roller coaster with a top speed of 240 km/h (150 mph). The coaster train accelerates to its top speed in approximately 4.9 seconds using a hydraulic launch system which generates a release velocity similar to that of aircraft carrier steam catapults. How long can it last?

1 Day After People: Ferrari World is silent. Fountains still work. Refrigerators keeps the food in the restaurants. Moving Lego models continue their work. As fossil power turns off, the entire park stops. The panorama tower never managed to get up without humans and still stands at the bottom. Now the park turns silent.

1 Week After People: Most life in the Ferrari World aquarium dies. Food in the restaurants rot, but else the park is in normal state.

2 Years After People: The coaster is made of supports and is protected against rot and corrosion. However, plant spores and water fills the holes between the coaster and is battling the supports that holds the coaster together.

10 Years After People: The supports that holds the coaster together is fighting a battle it cannot win. When the coaster is being pushed from each other by water and spores, soon all the supports in one of the legs on the coaster are loosened, and the other leg can't support the weight of the coaster.

75 Years After People: In order to reduce Formula Rossa's noise the inside of the structure was filled with sand. Now that sand is what will lead to the roller coaster's downfall. The sand collects moisture inside it and corrodes Formula Rossa from within, causing it to collapse.

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