Fredriks Church

The front side of Frederik's Church.

Frederik's Church, commonly known as the Marble Church, is a large, domed church in Copenhagen, Denmark, located just outside Amalienborg Palace. Construction began in 1740, but low founds soon stranded the project. The church stood incomplete for 150 years, before being finished 1894. It is the largest dome in Scandinavia, and the fourth larges dome in Europe. The dome dominates the skyline of Copenhagen, but for how long can it last?

300 Years after People: In the city of Copenhagen, few structure stands recognizable. One of the buildings still visible is the dome of the Marble Church, but it's regin has come to an end. Flooding of the city has weakened the foundations of the dome, and partically causing it to sink. This put huge pressure on the dome, which finally reaches it's maximum after 300 years. The dome cracks up and collapses inwards, bringing down walls and pillars. All that remains are a pile of rubble.

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