The Gas Company is a class-A office skyscraper in Los Angeles.It is made of glass,steel,and concrete.It also serves as headquarters of Southern California Gas Company.Part of the downtown Los Angeles business district,it is the fourth tallest building in Los Angeles,surpassed by Two California Plaza,Aon Center(Los Angeles),and the US Bank Tower.How long can it last?


10 years after people:A wildfire burns through the city.Although the glass is destroyed,the rest survives.

50 years after people:The tower has survived this long because there are no freeze;thaw cycles.But that isn't the worry around here.Earthquakes are what gonna get you.The Big One,an earthquake measuring at least 8.0 on the Richter Scale,hit's LA.Many towers collapse.But the Gas Company's strong foundation keeps it from completely collapsing.But the steel supporting the concrete has collapsed,leaving the walls on their own.All it takes is a 4.3 aftershock to bring the structure down.