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The Gaylord National is an 18 floor, 2,100 room hotel in National Harbor, Maryland, about 5 miles south of Washington D.C. It has a 200 foot high glass atrium and indoor gardens. The Potomac River is right out back, which today, is a great feature, but,will that end the Gaylord?

1 day after people: The power goes out and the hotel is plunged into darkness. Fountains no longer work and the watering system for the gardens shut down.

2 weeks after people: All plants in the gardens have died and dried up. The 7 restaurants are being infested with insects and rodents which eat the remaining food.

6 months after people: Unlike the plants in the indoor gardens that died about 6 months ago, the manicured lawns outside are out of control. Vines are climbing the sides of the hotel and coming in through doors and broken windows, and the trimmed grass has grown exponentially.

5 years after people: The river is rising. As the water rises, the lobby becomes a lake. The drywall absorbs some of the water and begins to rot, what's left of the gardens gets washed away and the furniture in the lobby make great homes for animals.

20 years after people: Almost all the glass in the atrium is gone. The steel trusses of the atrium have rusted to their breaking point and are on the brink of collapse. Finally, one truss breaks causing a cascade effect and the atrium roof comes down.

75 years after people: 70 years of water damage have taken its toll on the hotel. The rebar in the concrete have rusted and broken most of the columns. The hotel is very weak and could collapse at any point. One final column breaks and the walls start to fall. As more and more of the building falls, it triggers a collapse of the entire hotel and the Gaylord falls into the water.

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