The Google HQ (also referred to as Googleplex) is a complex located at 1600 Amphitheater Parkway in Mountain View, Santa Clara County, California. It contains a swimming pool ,a lab, and it serves as the headquarters of the famous search site named Google. It has its own courtyard,lobby, office space,and corporate campus. How long can this complex survive without people?

1 week after people: The power grid of the city fails, but the lights and computers remain on, thanks the hundreds of solar panels covering the buildings and lawn. The power could stay on for a while.

20 years after people: The power finally goes out.The solar panels have all broken.

100 years after people: The water in the pools drains when the plugs break. Then,a huge earthquake hits the city.The roofs cave in.The statue with the Android logo survives. It is made of bronze. Soon the entire complex collapses in a huge 8.6 earthquake.Google will never survive to be seen by our replacements.

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