2 weeks after people, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is an area in the Pacific Ocean, halfway between San Francisco and Hawaii, which contains 3.5 million tons of plastic garbage. It is twice the size of Texas. Storm drains now wash the litter that has gone uncollected in Los Angeles into the Pacific Ocean which increases the size of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

100 years after people, Trash from North America to Asia still continues to flow into the Pacific Ocean and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch still continues to expand. However it is becoming the main food source for seagulls from the mainland which came here to feed as there is not much garbage there.

600 years after people, Sunlight has caused the plastic trash in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to photodegrade into smaller compounds. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is now a poisonous stew of toxins and it continues to poison ocean life. However much of it is eaten by seagulls so that not all sea life will be poisoned

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