The Guggenheim Museum is a meuseum in Balbao,Spain.It has the architecture of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA.The museum has a statue of a giant spider in front.There's also a statue of a dog in front,called Puppy.How long will the structure last?

5 years after people.Most of the museum itself has unchanged.But one of the legs of the giant spider fails.Than another.Soon half of them are gone.The statue collapses.Puppy falls apart.First the ears.Then the head.Then the neck.Then the body.Finally,the tail.It falls like the dinosaurs in dinosaur museums around the world will fall.The museum itself stands.

100 years after people.The glass shatters,and parts of the building collapse.Soon,one of the walls collapses onto another wall.That one falls onto another.Then that one collapses onto another,and so on until only one remains.

150 years after people.The last wall collapses.Meanwhile,in Los Angeles,the Walt Disney Concert Hall still stands.

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