3 days after people; A Labrador Retriever guide dog is anxious now that his human master is gone. The Labrador has been taught to be a guide dog through 18 months of rigorous training. But after three days of no food his food avoidance training fails and he begins to eat the food available in the house.

10 days after people; The Labrador has used up all the food in the house so he abandons it and goes to a place where he knows there will be food, a grocery store. Even though most of the food has begun to rot this won’t be a concern for the guide dog because dogs’ stomachs secrete acid that is much stronger than humans and kills the pathogens on the rotting meat. The grocery store becomes a lifeline for the Labrador. But the free lunch won’t last forever.

3 years after people; The Labrador has now relocated to a nearby park but the hours of training he received is now hindering his ability to hunt and survive in the wild. In his training the guide dog was taught to avoid other animals so now instead of hunting prey he just avoids them. The Labrador has survived by scavenging human refuse. But after three years the leftovers of human society have become scarce and scavenging is no longer an option. Finally the Labrador lies down and dies of starvation. However the Labrador Retrievers that did not get training as guide dogs or therapy dogs survive on.

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