Habititat 67

The Habitat 67

Habitat 67 is a house complex in Montreal, Canada. Built after an architecture contest in 1967, the complex has become an architectural landmark, and one of Canadas most famous structures. The complex's houses hangs together from walls, floors and roofs in a strange and seemingly random combination. It has three main parts, with walksway connecting them. All the houses are squared, so the complex looks a bit like a crazy LEGO building. The desing of the building is uniqe, but this means it's a magnet for destruction.

300 Years after People: The Habitat 67 in Canada is still standing, even with it's fragile design. Because it's mainly of concrete, the materials refuses to corode. But after three centuries, the thick concrete has cracked. As layers of ice grows on top of the building, the concrete can't support the weight of it, and one house on the top breaks apart and collapses. As one house fails, the others follow due to the sturctures uniqe design. Concrete boxes and glass blows apart as the entire comlex is redused to dust.

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